WFMY News 2 monitors performance, competition with Volicon Observer

WFMY News 2, the CBS affiliate in Greensboro, NC, has begun using the Volicon Observer desktop video monitoring solution to add fluidity and flexibility to its news operations.

The Gannett-owned station is using the Observer to streamline compliance monitoring and to simplify clip segment creation and playout for testing with audience focus groups.

Volicon's Observer makes multiple channels of content available on demand, live or archived and from any desktop, giving users across an organization the ability to search, retrieve, view, analyze, annotate, share and export video from any location using a Microsoft Internet Explorer-compatible interface.

In addition to monitoring for regulatory compliance and ad verification, the Observer allows WFMY News 2 to capture, view and analyze multiple channels of content — both its own and that of competing stations.

Prior to installing the Observer, WFMY News 2 recorded its broadcasts to videotape — a labor-intensive way to record and retrieve aired content. Using Observer, station personnel throughout the organization can access content quickly and comfortably, without interrupting master control or sitting in front of a tape machine.

WFMY News 2 also uses Observer’s export function to share assets internally and repurpose them for playout during focus group sessions. Rather than dub video from tape archives, Observer users review recorded broadcasts, mark clips of the on-air talent being evaluated and export those clips to a Windows Media playlist. As a result, select broadcast segments can be played out from any computer to a video projector for focus group viewing.

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