WFIE installs Andrew's Trinity filter/combiner

The DTV Trinity filter/combiner system installed at WFIE-TV in Evansville, Ind.

The lightweight modular Trinity filter/combiner system permits use of a single common feed line and antenna to provide service for both WFIE’s existing analog Channel 14 and its new DTV Channel 46. Additionally, the Trinity filter provides the temperature stable, sharp-tuned mask necessary to comply with the FCC’s strict emissions requirements for DTV signals.

The Trinity filter features aluminum construction and a dual-mode cavity design that allows layout flexibility and temperature stability. The Trinity filter’s patented thermal compensation technology practically eliminates frequency drift and the unit’s aluminum construction provides cool operation up to 75kW without requiring fans or tightly controlled room environments.

WFIE’s Channel 46 filter system consists of a unitized DTV sharp-tuned Trinity filter system with a motorized coaxial UHF switch and air-cooled test load. The output of this filter system is fed into an Andrew branch combiner in which the filtered DTV signal is combined with the Channel 14 NTSC signal onto a common line. This cost-effective solution to channel filtering and combining was supplied as a lightweight, easy-to-install unitized (factory-assembled) system.

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