Wexler Now Renting Canon HDgc Lenses

Wexler, a major television equipment rental business, is now supplying new Canon HDgc lenses geared for the new generation of midrange HD cameras now being introduced. The Wexler purchase includes Canon's KH21ex5.7 IRSE telephoto lens and the KH10ex3.6 IRSE wide-angle model.

"Canon has done an excellent job of coming out with a lens that retains all the features that are critical to the production," said Joel Ordesky, chief technical officer for Burbank-based Wexler. "It's great to see that Canon has come out with the product in the way that we need it so that we can get our clients seamlessly transitioned into this new camcorder format without having them have to make compromises just because it is a new format."

Ordesky believes that clients will be renting the new lenses for use with the Sony XDCAM HD optical disc camcorders that Wexler is also supplying.

"This is a technology we believe will work for everyone in the industry," Ordesky said. "The tools are all there just as users would expect them to be on the two-thirds-inch format cameras."