Westinghouse Digital to bring video content to gas pumps

Westinghouse Digital Electronics, the U.S.-based LCD TV manufacturer, has announced a deal with AdtekMedia to bring video programming to gas station pumps. The project is called PumpTop TV.

Westinghouse Digital will build and install turnkey A/V display systems for fuel pumps serviced by AdtekMedia's narrowcast network, which will deliver news content and advertising to gas station customers as they fuel their vehicles.

The Westinghouse commitment involves supplying complete systems to be installed onto thousands of gas station pumps in each of the 60 largest U.S. markets, creating one of the largest out-of-home digital media networks in the U.S., reaching more than 100 million drivers each month.

The company said PumpTop TV allowed advertisers to reach a captive audience of adults during a "natural dwell time" out of the home, where nearly 75 percent of purchase decisions are made.

The gas station narrowcast system includes dual 19in widescreen high-resolution displays (on both sides of the pump), computer and networking components with wireless delivery along with a server backbone. Westinghouse Digital will incorporate technologies for increased brightness and daylight viewing along with environmental protection and climate control for sensitive system components.