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WDIV-TV buys Sony production switcher

The Sony DVS-9000 production switcher will enable WDIV-TV in Detroit to operate more efficiently, while enabling the station to create better-looking on-air graphics.

WDIV-TV, a Post-Newsweek television station in Detroit, has upgraded its infrastructure with a Sony DVS-9000 production switcher. Since the majority of WDIV’s programming is news, accessibility to material and recall speed ranked high among the capabilities that the station wanted to enhance.

The switcher, with its increased number of available sources, allows the station to operate more efficiently while enabling the staff to produce an advanced on-air graphics presentation. Other features include more keyers per M/E, improved file-transfer times, server control, expanded frame memory and the overall flexibility of the panel.

The switcher integrates seamlessly with the multiformat MVS-8000, as well as with Sony’s full line of production switchers. It shares the same control panels and control data systems. The DVS-9000 can be configured from two to four M/E banks (one to two M/E with the DVS-9000SF) in the processor frame, and multiple processors and panels may be connected on the same network.

Each M/E bank comes standard with four FineKey keyers with edge generators, four chromakeyers and 14 dedicated wipe generators including five transition generators, one common and four local.

The switcher uses two 100Mb/s Ethernet connections on all major DVS and MVS components and Sony peripherals. An optional network manager PC can be added to the data Ethernet for access to available LAN/WAN systems facilitating the transfer of files for remote administrative tasks. Image-file transfers are also available for sharing graphics and titling resources. The optional frame memory will store up to 444 still frame images.

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