WCBI-TV relies on Orad’s Maestro

KFAR SABA, ISRAEL and COLUMBUS, MISS.: WCBI-TV has gone live with Orad’s Maestro graphics system for news and production, the vendor said. WCBI incorporated a dual-channel Maestro system with MOS newsroom interface to replace three aging graphics products and to give the station a new 3D graphics look. The upgrade is part of a phased rollout of new technologies designed to streamline the station’s workflow and deliver news in a more dynamic and efficient manner.

“When we began our search for a new graphics system... we wanted a system capable of giving us a ‘network look’ that was within our budget and technical expertise” said WCBI General Manager Bobby Berry. “There was one thing that particularly attracted us to the Maestro, the ease-of-use of the system. We were pleasantly surprised that there was a product like Maestro that could ultimately give us the quality we wanted without requiring a staff of programmers.”