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WBU-ISOG Now Called International Media Connectivity Group

NEW YORK – As it celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015, the World Broadcasting Unions’ International Satellite Operations Group has decided upon a new name. Effective immediately, the group is now known as the International Media Connectivity Group or IMCG. The change seeks to be more reflective of the many different transmission methods available today.

The committee also renewed the group’s mandate. WBU-IMCG’s mission is now to “identify, evaluate, educate, and where appropriate, implement

for all operational matters associated with transmission (collection and delivery) by any means and to any platform of video, audio and broadcast-related data from any location where news, sports, special events and entertainment originate and/or is distributed.”

“How we deal with the continuing influx of innovations without losing our insights as broadcasting unions is central to our new name and mission,” said Akira Ogawa, chair of WBU-IMCG. “As IMCG, we are committed to becoming the central platform for tackling all the issues that the digital area is bringing us by reaching out to all players.”