Warner Bros. Television Group to launch TheWB.com

The Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) is preparing to launch a premium video-on-demand network called TheWB.com. The site will launch in beta early this month.

Described as the next step in the company’s “strategic expansion into digital production and broadband distribution,” the new site is aimed at people aged 16-34. With an emphasis on women, it will consist of four main elements: original programming created or acquired specifically for TheWB.com; the re-release of a collection of The WB Network’s most popular series, a commitment to interactivity, and an extensive network of distribution partners.

TheWB.com’s debut also features an application that will launch on the Facebook platform and will allow integration of Facebook’s social utility on TheWB.com. Additionally, TheWB.com’s shows will be distributed via a variety of preferred partners, including Comcast Cable, Fancast.com and AOL. Johnson & Johnson has signed on to be the charter sponsor of TheWB.com at launch.

During the beta launch, selected members of the public will be able to participate in the expansion of TheWB.com, with new content rolling out over time and the site evolving based, in part, upon user feedback.