Wal-Mart, Televisa launch signage, kiosk network in 292 Mexican stores

Televisa will create original, retail-specific programming for the Walmex in-store media network’s 5000 displays and touch-screen kiosks, which will be centrally managed with software and media player hardware from WireSpring.
A healthcare display powered by WireSpring FireCast software is positioned to entertain customers while they wait for their prescriptions in the pharmacy in a Mexican Wal-Mart store.

Grupo Televisa and Wal-Mart de Mexico have launched an in-store media network covering 292 Walmex stores across Mexico. Consisting of more than 5000 digital signage displays and touch-screen kiosks, the network is centrally managed using FireCast software and media player hardware from WireSpring Technologies. Televisa creates original, retail specific programming for the Walmex network, combining informational segments and advertising spots.

Content for the network is delivered through large-screen LCD displays in key store locations, as well as touch-screen kiosks in the pharmacy and other areas. The network comprises:

  • Approximately 21 to 28 large-screen LCDs per store, plus touch-screen kiosks.
  • Content customized by store type, with multiple channels per store — including a dedicated channel for the pharmacy in Supercenter locations.
  • WireSpring’s FireCast OS, FireCast ClientCenter and FireCast Media Appliance, as well as IBM’s Anyplace Kiosk.

The Walmex network rollout began in July 2006 and will be completed by early November, in preparation for the holiday shopping season.

For more information, visit www.wirespring.com.