Voting on ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Standard Begins

WASHINGTON—In ATSC’s most recent issue of its online publication The Standard, ATSC President Mark Richer announced that the balloting process has begun on the ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer transmission standard. Ballots were sent out on Aug. 31 and over the next four weeks members of the TG3 Technology Group will vote on whether to approve or not approve the Physical Layer to Candidate Standard status.

If approved, the “ATSC Working Draft: S32 Physical Layer Standard” (S32-230r19) will provide the industry with a foundation for developing next-generation TV broadcasting. It will also aid manufacturers in developing ATSC 3.0 prototype equipment.

There are a number of events scheduled by the ATSC to showcase the Physical Layer standard in the coming months, including a ”plug fest” set to take place in October in Shanghai and hosted by NERC where ATSC member organizations can test early transmission and receiving equipment against the Physical Layer standard.

ATSC continues to develop additional standards for ATSC 3.0 with the goal of approving most, if not all, to Candidate Standard status by the end of 2015.