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Voom to Co-Sponsor HD Conference

Hey, remember Voom, known in some quarters as Voom HD? The satellite service that was instrumental in driving a wedge between the battling father-and-son Dolans of Cablevision Systems before it was finally axed a few months ago as a satellite premium HD service?

According to a release from research analyst DisplaySearch, today "Voom HD Networks is the largest suite of HDTV channels with movies, sports, music, travel, fashion, the arts, cartoons, and news. It is currently available to subscribers of Dish Network,". Voom is also a new co-sponsor of the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference starting Aug. 23 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

DisplaySearch reports that Voom general manager Greg Moyer will join "the elite set of panelists" from the Blu-ray Disc Association, Canon, CBS, ESPN HD, HD DVD Promotion Group, and HDNet, to mull over "Expanding Current and Next Generation HD Content" on the conference's first day.

Actually, with both Blu-ray and HD DVD on the panel, this could a very noteworthy meeting. And if there's any industry news to be made regarding any type of retry on compatibility issues among both HD formats, this would be a good place to make it--especially as HD DVD's holiday marketing plan now seems to be in flux.