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Volicon and Kaltura Introduce Online Captioning Technology

BURLINGTON, MASS. — Volicon and Kaltura announced a technology partnership they say enables an end-to-end workflow for bringing live broadcast capture and captioning to the full range of digital and social media platforms. The technology is said to unite the content capture, streaming, review, and clip-extraction capabilities of the Volicon Observer Media Intelligence Platform with the automated video transcoding, publishing,and management tools of Kaltura’s video platform to facilitate delivery of rights-approved and captioned content to all digital platforms with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

The Observer Media Intelligence Platform records aired broadcast content 24/7/365 and provides access to it through a Web-based interface. Working at a desktop, multiple users can locate, stream, and review content immediately following its broadcast; quickly mark “in” and “out” points; and extract and deliver H.264-encoded 1080i clips along with metadata—including caption information—to the Kaltura system.

Using the high-resolution clip provided by the Volicon system, the Kaltura platform creates versions of the video in all formats necessary for the target distribution platforms and viewing devices. Captioning is incorporated into each version to ensure that content meets the accessibility requirements of the FCC Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

Because the aired content captured by the Observer Media Intelligence Platform has been fully produced and approved, users of all technical skill levels can confidently clip and upload it to Kaltura for processing. Pre-built profiles within the Observer system streamline this process and assure that content is prepared correctly.