Videohouse scales OmniBus iTX installation up to 39 channels

Belgian facilities company Videohouse has expanded its OmniBus iTX automation and playout platform to 39 channels to host Telenet DTV channels to cable viewers in Flanders. Videohouse went live Aug. 19 with 14 Telenet SD and two HD channels, including the live sports channel Prime Sport 1 HD.

The new, expanded installation is configured for 16 + 16 redundant channels, with two preview channels. The iTX system provides full automation and playout, graphic logos and CG content, up/downconversion of SD/HD channels and WSS signaling.

Telenet content is delivered to the iTX system at Videohouse mostly in file-based form, but for live sports coverage, iTX ingests the live HD content and plays it out with a short time delay while continuing to record the feed.