Video HD Converter Renders Dual 3D images

National Semiconductor has introduced what it is calling the first dual-channel video format converter for HD television that features two video conversion channels and a dual 3D architecture. The video format converter enables picture-in-picture of two images on a 16:9 HD monitor up to 1080p display, according to published reports.

The dual 3D video format converter contains a universal front-end and a dual-channel display processor. The universal front-end accepts both SD and HD formats, PC graphics formats, and DVI signals, and decodes the signals into component video or RGB. It contains seven A/D converters, one TMDS (transmission-minimized differential signaling) receiver, and two NTSC/PAL/SECAM decoders with 3D Y/C separation.

Two outputs from the universal front-end can be selected for the dual-channel display processor, which features two 3D noise reducers, two 3D de-interlacers and two high-order scalers for size and aspect ratio scaling. Additional features include luma and chroma enhancement, frame-rate-conversion, adaptive contrast enhancement, multi-picture on-screen functions and intelligent color remapping.