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Video Game Poll Finds Not Too Many Early 3DTV Adopters

One of the first early-adopter groups often cited by media bloggers as eager to propel the transition from standard DVD to Blu-ray content are video gamers. But according to one of its longtime Web sites, not many gamers are exactly rushing out to buy 3D-enabled TV sets anytime soon.

In an online (and therefore, unscientific) poll of its users, said a majority finds the promise of 3D gaming "simply too expensive of a proposition to be realistic right now."

PSXE finds its poll results "perfectly sensible, as a new 3D-enabled HDTV won't be cheap; Samsung has a few LED's that can handle 3D, but not one of them can be considered 'cheap.' You'll see the same when Sony's 3D Bravia [models] launch in June," it said.

The video-game site points out that a firmware update for PlayStation 3 to enable 3D functionality was free and upcoming 3D games will likely not be any more expensive than non-3D games.

Without providing specific numbers, the site said "an acceptable percentage" of gamers do plan to use 3D for both their movies and games, and although it's a smaller number than those who say 'no,' it's a good sign for the advancement of this technology."