Video Clarity Installs Monitoring Gear at Elemental

CAMPBELL, CALIF.—Elemental Technologies, a supplier of software-defined video systems for multiscreen content delivery, recently installed Video Clarity’s ClearView Shuttle 4K and RTM real-time audio and video monitoring system. Used in Elemental’s product development lab, the systems automatically measure the quality and performance of Elemental’s systems for multiple types of TV content and delivery profiles.

The ClearView Shuttle 4K is a video quality analyzer that records and plays back at native 4K resolutions, as well as HD and SD formats. When combined with the RTM system, users can apply objective measurements to compare multiple content types with multiple downstream processing conditions. This allows users to implement and quantify objective measurement that correlate to user experience. In addition, the systems can be configured to create automate measurements in batches.

Elemental is using the ClearView system to generate MOS and JND metrics for test clips and to verify results against customer’s content.

Video Clarity is a provider of audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems with its headquarters in Campbell, Calif.