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Video Call Center Earns Chinese Patent for Smartphone-based TV Production

PALISADES, N.Y.—The People’s Republic of China has granted Patent #ZL 201380050976 to the Video Call Center for its technologies designed for TV production, particularly the management of multiple connections with video callers who use their own smartphones, laptops and PCs. This Chinese patent follows multiple patents already awarded to VCC in the U.S.

In addition, the Chinese patent covers managing caller information within the production team, switching the production through automated hosting techniques and systems for connecting, prioritizing and screening calls.

“In this time of heightened interest in U.S.-China trade, we are very pleased to have the value and originality of the Video Call Center’s intellectual property recognized by the Chinese Patent Office,” said Tom Wolzien, executive chairman of the VCC. “The Chinese people have nearly 800 million smartphones and each is a potential contributor to live television programs. That makes China an exciting market for content creators to develop innovative productions using VCC technology and services.”