VFGadgets Debuts Smallest Voice Transmitter

Canada-based VFGadgets has released the QT-256 Mini Voice Transmitter, which it says is the world's smallet broadcast quality voice transmitter, for sale on www.VFGadgets.com.

The development project, named "the MicroPlayer Transmitter," lets broadcasters attach a small voice transmitter to athletes, which has been used by the networks to broadcast player's, athlete's or official's audio at any event. The system measures 2.3 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width and .65 inches in thickness and weights one ounce.

Manufactured by Quantum5X Systems Inc., the QT-256 uses wireless RF technology and a lavaliere microphone, one-tenth of an inch in diameter. The power output is 100mW at eight hours battery life with a selectable frequency from 690-750 Mhz. Televised live demonstrations and field testing include ESPN at the Great Outdoor Games, X Games and the MLB Sunday night and All Star Games.

VFGadgets has online distribution sales rights for the QT-256 for the Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, European, South American and African markets.