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Vewd Launches Content Browser For Portal TV From Facebook

(Image credit: Vewd)

OSLO, Norway—OTT solutions provider Vewd has announced that Facebook selected Vewd to provide the first web browser in the Portal TV App Store. 

Vewd on Facebook’s Portal TV allows users to access, discover and enjoy more OTT content. Unlike usual viewing experiences, Vewd’s technology, built on Vewd Core (a widely deployed HTML5 SDK) is designed for connected TV devices, with intuitive controls and robust functionality to enable viewing of streaming content not available in an App, the company reported. 

Vewd has also optimized its rendering engine for Portal TV from Facebook, resulting in a fast, intuitive UI that delivers a superior viewing experience. 

Key features of the Vewd browser include: virtual mouse navigation; integrated on-screen keyboard; full screen tabbed browsing; and speed dials for efficient content access

“By working with Vewd, Portal TV from Facebook expanded its streaming video experience to complement its native apps and immersive video calling from the biggest screen in the home,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Vewd. “We are pleased Facebook selected Vewd to build a video-first content viewing experience for Portal TV to provide another way for consumers to access their favorite content.”