Verizon Wireless to open Application Innovation Center

Reaching out to developers, network engineers and entrepreneurs with good app ideas, Verizon Wireless plans to open an Application Innovation Center (AIC) in San Francisco this fall. AIC will be connected to the Waltham, MA-based Verizon LTE Innovation Center and enable developers and others to work on apps that take advantage of Verizon’s 3G and, especially, 4G LTE networks.

The center, which was first announced at the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference, is being built in downtown San Francisco and will feature several collaboration labs, private development labs and access to Verizon Wireless equipment and services not available elsewhere. With the goal of nurturing innovation and new ideas, Verizon’s AIC will enable developers to tap Verizon Wireless’ expertise in app and software development, network APIs, network performance and business development.

Since it opened in 2009, the LTE Innovation Center has fostered the development of a variety of products, services and solutions in gaming, healthcare, visual collaboration and other fields. Verizon will invite companies of all sizes to participate in this collaborative environment. Interested developers should visit this site or follow #vzdevelopers on Twitter for updates on the Center. There will also be more information about Verizon Wireless’ work with developers at the VDC Conference, which is scheduled for Sept. 13-14 in Las Vegas.