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Verizon to phase out analog simulcasts

Verizon announced Aug. 25 it is phasing out a small number of duplicate analog channels on the FiOS TV service in advance of the February 2009 transition to DTV.

Until now, Verizon provided these duplicate channels to allow digital subscribers to view some limited programming in an analog format without using a set-top box.

The company also has a small number of customers who subscribe to a service that solely offers these duplicate analog channels. Verizon will make the digital transition easy for these customers by providing them with a free digital adapter.

Verizon is phasing out the analog channels on a regional basis. The company is notifying customers in advance of the analog service cutoff by letters, e-mails and phone calls. It also has set up a dedicated Web site, (opens in new tab), to provide answers to common questions about all-digital service.

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