Verizon ‘Mix & Match’ Plan Attempts to Disrupt Cable Practices

NEW YORK—Verizon is changing how it provides cable and internet to its customers, announcing its new Mix & Match on Fios program.

What Verizon describes as a “goodbye to traditional cable bundles,” Mix & Match lets customers select the best internet and cable options for them, starting at $39.99, while also eliminating past cable policies like bundling, hidden extra fees and annual contracts.

Verizon customers can now choose from three basic internet options—100 Mbps ($39.99/month), 300 Mbps ($59.99/month) and Gigabit connection ($79.99/month).

They will then have the option to pick a TV package between Your Fios TV, offering more than 125 channels for $50/month; More Fios TV with more than 300 channels for $70/month; The Most Fios TV with more than 425 channels for $90/month; or YouTubeTV’s 70-plus channels at $49.99/month. Verizon is also offering customers a two-month trial period with its more than 425 channels, at the end of which Verizon will recommend packages based on viewership data. All TV packages feature major broadcast networks ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Telemundo and Univision.

Verizon says it has also simplified its bill process, with no added surcharges, no broadcast or regional sports network fees and “no surprises.”

“Customers have been loud and clear about their frustrations with cable, and we’ve listened,” said Frank Boulben, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing and Products at Verizon. “As a result, we’re transforming our approach to internet and TV offers by giving customers more choices and more transparency. Customers are tired of having to buy a bundle with services they don’t want to get the best rates, and then discover that those rates didn’t include extra fees and surcharges. We’re putting an end to the traditional bundle contract and putting customers in control.”

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