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Verizon brings Discovery to new fiber network

Verizon Communications plans to take on cable and satellite operators in the new year with the launch of its new fiber-to-the-home network. Last week, Verizon announced a distribution agreement to deliver Discovery Communications’ 14 U.S.-based cable TV networks — including Discovery HD Theater — over the new fiber network.

The Discovery agreement is the first programming deal it has announced for FiOS, the new fiber network it is deploying to compete in the subscription and on-demand television market. To be launched in 2005, the fiber infrastructure will deliver voice, video and data to homes and small businesses through a single high-speed fiber connection.

The company operates in 29 states, offering wireline telecommunications services including broadband, nationwide long-distance, wireless and other services. It plans to offer bundled packages of telecommunications services that include traditional pay-television programming.

The company previously announced plans to roll out fiber to three million homes by the end of 2005.

For more information, read " Verizon expects to sell video over fiber in 2005".

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