Vegas-based DVB-H trial seeks to establish mobile TV reporting standard

Hiwire and partners SES Americom and RRD USA this summer will conduct a joint measurement trial of mobile TV viewing by consumers in Las Vegas. Using Mobile TV Essentials, tracking firm Rentrak’s newest media industry analytical product, the companies are hoping to establish an industrywide mobile TV reporting standard, making it easier for broadcasters and operators to gauge mobile viewing habits.

During the DVB-H trial, Rentrak will ingest anonymous mobile TV viewing data from Hiwire to provide a Web-based statistical reporting service as part of the launch of Mobile TV Essentials. The company will serve as Hiwire’s main data analytics and third-party verification provider, delivering audience viewing metrics of linear video programming and linear video advertising watched on mobile phones.

Mobile TV Essentials, which incorporates a module customized to integrate into Hiwire’s mobile usage monitoring platform, was developed in collaboration with Hiwire, SES Americom, RRD USA and other Hiwire mobile carrier partners, as well as traditional entertainment industry experts. It provides content providers access to a census-level audience measurement system enabling trial participants to perform in-depth analysis of their content and the viewers, including near real-time viewership, demographics analysis, geographic analysis and audience sharing and overlap.

The trial will feature a variety of branded TV networks, video and audio content and interactive data services delivered to consumers’ handheld devices and cell phones using spectrum from Aloha Partners, one of the largest owners of 700MHz spectrum in the U.S., of which Hirewire is a subsidiary.

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