VCI Solutions Joins the Advanced Media Workflow Association

VCI Solutions has joined the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) as a principal member, and VCI Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Lowell Putnam has been elected to the AMWA Board of Directors.

“AMWA consists of a dedicated group of suppliers and users who work together for advanced workflows,��� said Putnam. “We have witnessed first hand the impact that an advanced workflow can make in the lives our customers, so joining and contributing to the AMWA’s efforts presented itself as an ideal fit.”

“When the association expanded its remit to include MXF workflows and Service Oriented Architectures, we knew there was a lot of interest in the industry,” said Brad Gilmer, the AMWA’s executive director. “We believe this work is critical in building practical file-based workflows, and it is significant that VCI Solutions has decided to join us in this effort.”

The Advanced Media Workflow Association is a user-focused industry body dedicated to the promotion, development and adoption of open, accessible standards and specifications relating to file-based workflows (including AAF, MXF and other formats), Service Oriented Architectures, and Application Specifications as they apply to the areas of content creation, production, post production, rich media authoring, archiving and distribution.

VCI Solutions’ product includes the Orion business system, autoXe automation systems, and the advanced Xe platform and other products to streamline media operations with more efficient workflows.