Update: HD-Friendly Golden Globes Canceled

The Golden Globe Awards, one of three big, live programs this winter that may be especially attractive to HD viewers because of their usual glitz and glamour (along with next month’s Academy Awards and Super Bowl XLII) has been canceled.

The primetime telecast set for this Sunday, Jan. 13, presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is often seen as a predictor (albeit not always an accurate one) of the somewhat more prestigious Oscars that follow in a few weeks, and which also appear to be threatened by the ongoing writers’ strike (HD Notebook, Dec. 19, 2007).

In its place Sunday night will be a relatively modest newscast-like rundown of the winners in each of the major categories, replacing a multi-hour awards show that host NBC Universal says could cost it as much as $15 million in lost revenue, according to MediaWeek.

NBCU had planned to cover the awards in 1080i.