Upcoming movie shot in one take with JVC GY-HD100U

Director Robert Lynn shot “Adrenaline” in one take because he thought it was the best way to capture the audience.
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Director-producer-writer Robert Lynn successfully pulled off one of the longest continuous shots in American film history, shooting the soon-to-be-released suspense/thriller “Adrenaline,” in one take using a JVC Professional GY-HD100U.

“Adrenaline” follows an ordinary man, Chris Thompson (played by David Alford), whose life is turned upside down when an unseen antagonist takes control of his car’s satellite assistance service. After learning the man behind the voice has kidnapped his daughter, Thompson is forced to commit one dangerous act after another.

Lynn shot “Adrenaline” in one take because he thought it was the best way to capture the audience, “throwing” them “into the action” and providing “a more suspenseful impact,” he said.

Shot on a limited budget, Lynn chose the GY-HD100U because he and his crew wanted to shoot in 24p. They also needed a camera that was compact and easy enough for the crew to maneuver quickly and easily to follow the main actor in and out of the car throughout the entire 90-minute shoot.

The light weight of camera let the crew smoothly pass it back and forth, allowing the camera and audio crew to move “as one without the audience ever knowing,” he said. Its auto iris was another key feature that allowed them to capture smooth action shots.

The camera crew relied on a wide-angle Fujinon lens and a Focus Enhancements hard disk recorder for the shoot. The JVC ProHD camcorder can record up to eight hours on a Firestore DR-HD100 hard disk recorder.

Romar Entertainment has picked up “Adrenaline” for distribution and will release the movie in theaters in early 2007.

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