Universal Fire Won’t Affect Blu-ray’s ‘Future’

That huge fire that swept through parts of Universal Studios a few days ago and damaged some tour exhibits and sets from previous movies on the 400-acre compound in Los Angeles managed to gut much of the “town square” used for the “Back to the Future” trilogy, as well as some older classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

But the outdoor set will be “preserved” for generations to come in film, of course, including the eventual re-release of the three “BTTF” movies in Blu-ray Disc.

A writer/producer on the films, Bob Gale, surprised a crowd of BTTF fans in late May in Orlando when he showed them what he said was a digital master of the footage eventually to be used “for the upcoming Blu-ray version” of the movies, according to BTTF.com.

NBC Universal, for its part, has not released any details yet, although the original movie (and some scenes) was prominently featured on many network newscasts in the U.S. in recent days, which BTTF fans hope could speed up an eventual release.