UltraViolet Gets Surround Sound

CALABASAS, CALIF. – DTS announced that several content solution providers, including Digital Rapids, Elemental Technologies, and Rovi, now support DTS Express surround sound for creation of content in the UltraViolet Common File Format. DTS Express, part of the DTS-HD family of audio solutions found on many Blu-ray Disc movies, is optimized for digitally delivered content.

DTS Express is an adaptive bit rate technology that provides constant bit-rates from 64 kbps and up, 5.1 channels from 160 to 512 kbps, up to 7.1 channels from 288 to 768 kbps, and backwards compatibility with legacy products.

DTS said it’s been actively working with content solutions partners in support of the UltraViolet delivery format. Content creation tools that support Ultraviolet with DTS include Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 powered by Kayak, Elemental Server and Rovi TotalCode. In addition, DTS said, a significant effort has also been placed on quality control and playback tools.

DTS has partnered with Solekai for validation tool support, CastLabs on an Android tablet-based media player, and has adapted its DTS-HD MediaPlayer to become a professional real-time player and quality control tool for CFF confidence monitoring.

The UltraViolet platform provides content portability and security.