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UK's ROK goes live with mobile TV in Chile

After extending its reach in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua, ROK Global recently went live with its ROK Mobile TV service with Claro in Chile. Currently for the launch the channels are focused on music, entertainment, sports and news, with an under $10 price point as well as daily and weekly subscription options. The 10 channels will be heavily promoted by Claro in an effort to reach all its existing customers. Claro plans a wide ranging promotional campaign that will include Internet, WAP as well as SMS.

The company is focused on extending the reach of its suite of mobile entertainment, and this most recent move will target more consumers than ever. Part of its strategy is using the 2.5G signal. Because it's a well-defined standard that is compatible with such a wide range of mobile devices, ROK can extend its programming network to the maximum amount of handsets. So whatever your provider, be it O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, the signal will work with your device.

ROK TV currently hits a wide range of mobile phones and officially supports over 150 different models.