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U.K’s Channel 4 to launch ‘second-screen companion app’

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 next month will launch a new second-screen companion app designed to accompany its channels and programming.

A beta launch is planned for July for Channel 4’s registered users with the working title of 4Now. Beta testers will have the opportunity to provide feedback about 4Now as part of its ongoing development.

4Now will offer an always-on, centralized destination for synchronized television experiences. Registered viewers will have access additional content for Channel 4 program via 4Now. Among the goodies will be program information, social media activity and interactive content, such as real-time polls, votes and quizzes.

4Now also will include exclusive content and a range of interactive experiences, including play-along games, designed to be enjoyed while watching specific TV program going forward.

Advertisers also will have a role in 4Now. The broadcaster announced it will work closely with advertisers to develop and trial new ad formats and commercial opportunities for 4Now.

Following the beta phase, Channel 4 will continue to develop the product’s functionality, and aims to launch 4Now fully to consumers later this year. The app will initially be available on iOS devices with other platforms being considered for future launch.