U.K.: DTG working on 3DTV Standard

The Digital TV Group of the United Kingdom said it's currently in the process of developing a standard for 3DTV products and services for the United Kingdom and Ireland. DTG made the announcement last week (Jan. 21) at its 3DTV Seminar.

The DTG said it first initiated an "industry consultation" for the U.K. on the emerging technology of 3DTV last year in order to gain its members' views on 3DTV's technological feasibility and viability — as well as what role they thought the DTG should play in the venture.

Since its consultation activities began several months ago, DTG said in a statement, "3D has evolved from an emerging technology limited to cinema into a compelling home entertainment proposition — with broadcasters set to launch 3D services as early as this year." DTG noted that technical standards have already been approved for 3D Blu-ray and HDMI, but what is currently missing is a standard for delivering 3D to the home via broadcast or IPTV.

Its consultation so far, the DTG acknowledged, is revealing that a lot of its members have concerns over the current uncertainties posed by a lack of a broadcast standard for 3D and wants the group to pursue an open broadcast standard for 3D in the digital realm as soon as possible.