UBI World Expands in Oceania on Optus' New D2 satellite

The agreement signed recently by UBI and Optus effectively expands UBI's KU Band multi-lingual platform to cover the whole of Oceania.
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Multi-cultural subscription TV and radio broadcaster, UBI World TV has significantly upgraded and expanded the reach of its premium multi-lingual Direct-to- Home service. The expansion allows UBI World TV to reach new markets, with increased capacity on Optus' new D2 satellite.

The agreement signed recently by UBI and Optus effectively expands UBI's KU Band multi-lingual platform to cover the whole of Oceania.

The switch of UBI's digital signal from the Optus B3 satellite to the new generation Optus D2 satellite was completed recently. The D2 satellite was launched in October, 2007, as part of Optus' overall investment in the D-series three satellite program costing over A$600 million.

UBI World TV is now broadcasting 113 TV and radio channels in 12 languages, including English, across Australia, Asia and Africa.

The Optus D2 satellite is now also carrying UBI World TV's high quality programming to New Zealand, where the service was launched to great consumer interest last month.

The Optus D2 satellite is linked to UBI's contribution and distribution network which includes teleport facilities in Australia, Greece, Germany, the US, Chile and Macedonia, and fiber connectivity between Europe, North America, South America and Australia, facilitating the worldwide transmission of UBI's channels.

UBI World TV Direct-to-Home satellite service sources its channels from over 30 countries globally and is also producing three of its own in-house TV channels in Arabic, Turkish and Macedonian.

Speaking on the agreement, Mrs Regina Boulos, the CEO of UBI, commented: "We are delighted to be one of the major operators on Optus' new generation satellite service, which provides better digital signal and wider coverage area for our service.

"Our solid base of subscribers covering the major migrant communities within Australia's ethnically diverse population, where 20 per cent of households speak a second language, will be even stronger and wider as we service more ethnic homes in the region.", she added.

Paul Sheridan, Head of Optus Satellite, said: "Optus is committed to a successful partnership with UBI using the new Optus D2 satellite as a platform for growth. Optus D2 is the latest generation of Optus satellite and as the market leader we are well placed to provide UBI's demand for broadcast services to ethnic communities across Australia and New Zealand".

Paying a subscription priced from $29.95 a month, subscribers of UBI WORLD TV are now enjoying entertainment, sport and news program offerings in Greek (9 TV and 12 radio channels), Arabic (29 TV and 9 radio channels), Turkish (10 TV and 7 radio channels), Spanish (10 TV and 1 radio channels), Portuguese (3 TV and 1 radio channels), Balkan (7 TV and 4 radio channels), Persian (3 TV and 1 radio channels).

Mrs Boulos concluded, "UBI World TV is now broadcasting the world's best TV and radio channels through the region's most sophisticated satellite system, to a broad range of audiences across Oceania. This is another step towards bringing UBI World TV to ethnic communities in different parts of the world."