U.S. Adults 18-44 Make Up 71% of vMVPD Customers

DURHAM, N.C.—A new report from Leichtman Research Group indicates that the core customers of live streaming vMVPD pay-TV services—Sling TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, etc.—fall in the age range of 18-44 years old. Per LRG, 71% of U.S. adults that have a vMVPD service are between the ages of 18-44. More than half of those, 42%, fall in the age range of 18-34.

A reported 43% of current vMVPD customers made the switch directly from a traditional pay-TV service; 25% of those with streaming services said that they still have a traditional service as well as. Meanwhile, 17% of vMVPD subscribers switched to their current service from another vMVPD, while 15% were most recently non-subscribers to any type of pay-TV service.

Other key findings from LRG’s report include:

  • Overall, 16% of all 18-44 year olds subscribe to a vMVPD; that drops to 6% for those over 45;
  • In that 18-34 age range, 26% are traditional pay-TV subscribers and 33% are pay-TV non-subscribers;
  • 73% of vMVPD subscribers are “very satisfied” with their service; but 20% say they are very likely to switch from a vMVPD service in the next six months;
  • 93% of vMVPD subscribers also have a SVOD service (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu). Only 71% of traditional pay-TV subscribers, and 74% of non-subscribers also have a SVOD subscription; and
  • 24% of those that do not currently have a vMVPD service are “very interested” in getting one

These statistics were based on an online survey of 6,715 households in the U.S. View LRG’s full “Internet-Delivered Pay-TV Services 2019” online.