Twitter Rolls Out LiveCut Publishing Tool

SAN FRANCISCO—Twitter is touting a new tool as part of its Media Studio that is designed to ease the video clipping of live streams for sharing on the social media site. LiveCut is a cloud-based web application that enables editing and distribution of video highlights of a livestream from a Twitter account.

This new service will serve as a replacement for SnappyTV, which has been Twitter’s real-time video-clipping service for the last five years. LiveCut integrates SnappyTV’s core functionality while utilizing its own features to provide fast and free video-clipping services to social media producers. In addition, publishers can now launch private broadcasts, share broadcasts across teams and create and monetize video clips.

LiveCut is a part of Twitter’s Media Studio.

“We’re confident that we’ve created a product that seamlessly serves video producers’ live-clipping needs on Twitter and, looking forward, will continue investing in it to develop new features that expand its functionality,” Twitter’s announcement read.

As a result of the introduction of LiveCut, SnappyTV is being sunsetted, with the service expected to officially go away by Dec. 31, 2019. Looking to aid in the move to LiveCut, Twitter has made available resources for SnappTV users, best practices and how-to guides on LiveCut.