tvOne Introduces New Corio Control Software

ERLANGER, KY.—tvONE announced its newest product in the Coriomax line, the new CorioGrapher software for the CoroMaster & CorioMaster mini.

This new interface for controlling the CorioMaster and CorioMaster mini video wall processors manages collections of displays of diverse size, resolution and orientation.

The CorioGrapher software enables the user to set precise dimensions of displays down to the millimeter or inch. The system provides the ability to account for bezels and spacing between displays, and to build a library of displays, including resolution for instant recall for future projects.

Similarly, the CorioGrapher software aids in the design process by allowing the user to create videowalls from a PC without a connection to the CorioMaster. Operators also can preview and edit instantly. Once designed, configurations can be uploaded into the CorioMaster at any time using a direct connection or over the local area network. In addition, when the PC with installed CorioGrapher software is connected to a network that contains CorioMaster devices, it will automatically seek them out and list them as available within the software. The system will allow discovery on multiple networks at any time.

The CorioGrapher's Real Time Dashboard provides the ability for instant triggering of saved presets and live routing of sources. Up to 50 presets can be stored at one time. Collaboration is also a feature with three levels of access to content and the interface.