T-VIPS, Sports Logic team for live sports content

T-VIPS, a provider of video management and distribution services, has named Sports Logic as an authorized reseller of T-VIPS products. Sports Logic will target sports production in the United States.

Offering a variety of solutions that provide high-quality images, low latency, ease of use and error resiliency‚ T-VIPS leverages JPEG2000-based video gateways to transport some of the world’s most high-profile sports content. This includes U.S. college sports, UK Premier League soccer and Scandinavian ice hockey programming. T-VIPS also has a number of backhaul systems live in the United States that are used by all of the major sports networks.

T-VIPS said the JPEG2000 compression format provides many advantages over MPEG-based solutions, including higher 10-bit video quality, low latency, outstanding error resiliency characteristics, flexibility, ease-of-use and remote monitoring and control.

Sports Logic represents manufacturers of high-tech broadcast equipment and services designed for the capture, processing, transmission and display of live and live-to-tape sporting events. It will focus on specific products and services that are best suited for the unique demands of the sports production environment.