TVB Tech Alert: OLED Developments

MULTIPLE CITIES: The drive toward organic light-emitting diode display TVs continues. LG is now planning to roll out a 40-inch model in 2012, HotHardware reports. LG demonstrated its first OLED display TV at last January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That model, a 15-incher, is due to become available--at least in Korea--next month. No pricing is yet available in the smaller model, but OLEDs in general are new to the market and as such, relatively expensive.

Sony had the first OLED display on the market. It’s 11-inch XEL-1 is $2,500. A/V Revolution recently reviewed the XEL-1, which has resolution of 960x540, only one-fourth of a 1080p set, but OLEDs’ outstanding feature is its black black and color contrast. The XEL-1 is said to have a contrast ratio of 1 million-to-one, and capable of reproducing 105 percent of the NTSC color space.

LG meanwhile, predicts the price for OLEDs will fall below that for LCDs in seven years, CNet reports.

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