TVB Mobile DTV Tech Alert: Cydle i30

TORRANCE, CALIF.:Korean electronics maker Cydle is said to be making a mobile DTV receiver for smartphones. Reports of the Cydle i30 emerged from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The i30 fits around a smartphone, has built-in speakers and a retractable antenna for ATSC M/H reception. It also features a battery booster that can be charged simultaneously along with the phone through a USB cable connection or a wall charger, Cydle said in a release about the product.

Pricing and the date of availability were not disclosed, and the device does not yet appear on Cydle’s U.S. Web site. pulled the accompanying image of the i30 from a brochure handed out at CES.

A similar cell-phone accessory was introduced at CES to receive FLO TV, the multichannel video service offered through Qualcom’s MediaFlo distribution technology. The mophie juice pack targets iPhones and iPods. It’s expected to retail for $250.

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