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TV4 Sweden Launches 24/7 news channel with Mosart

Swedish news provider, Nyhetsbolaget Sverige, has launched the country's first 24/7 news channel using the Mosart newscast automation system from Mosart Medialab.

This service from Nyhetsbolaget allows Swedish network TV4 to extend the network's strength in news coverage.

Newly constructed for the channel launch, the TV4 News gallery is the network's second installation of a Mosart system. The main TV4 channel has used the platform for its newscasts since 2010. The two control rooms share a common playout system and content store, with all devices under Mosart control, including cameras, audio and vision mixers, and servers. Schedules are loaded by Mosart from the network's ENPS system.

In addition to originating its own content for the channel, Nyhetsbolaget also features BBC World as part of the TV4 News schedule with local commercial insertion. The Mosart system also handles the automated triggering of Swedish subtitles for scheduled content that requires it.