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TV Technology Europe Taps 21 Top IBC Products

TV Technology Europe has announced the 21 products earning a STAR Award during the IBC2007 exhibition.

The STAR Award (Superior Technology Award Recipient) is designed to celebrate and showcase the pre-eminent technological innovations available to the broadcast industry. The TV Technology Europe team reviewed a variety of products, examined the technical applications and their overall contribution to the industry, and then chose 21 winning products (one of which is a collaboration between two companies).

The awards are given to interesting new products — some are chosen based on technical novelty, some because they fill an important gap in the production or transmission chain, and some because of their 'wow' factor.

The recipients of the 2007 TV Technology-Europe STAR Awards are:

Autoscript — ELP-8DV field-portable prompting system
The ELP-8DV field-portable prompting system is designed to mount on the tripod and to work with a small camera. It integrates with a Sachtler DV head without the need for special tools and can be powered by the same lightweight 7.2 V Sachtler battery pack as the camera, reducing the amount of extra kit needed for field work.

Avocent — Emerge DM2000 Desktop Manager Ethernet-based KVM (with KVM being an abbreviation for Keyboard, Video, Mouse) system
The Emerge DM2000 Desktop Manager Ethernet-based KVM system provides greater flexibility as well as near lossless video, snappy mouse response, CD-quality audio and extension of USB mass storage devices.

Bron Kobold — Para 220 FB Production giant umbrella reflector
The Para 220 FB Production giant umbrella was design for flexible, portable large-source lighting. The 2.2 meter controllable umbrella is designed to be shadowless with spill controlled by a 50 degree soft grid. The fixture mounting plate accept four 1000 W tungsten fixtures or four 400 W bare tube HMIs.

Cobalt Digital — 9061 Compass Card
The 9061 Compass Card is an up/down/cross converter and frame sync card with audio embedding and de-embedding, 24-bit analogue audio conversion to AES digital with audio channel mapping. Remote configuration and monitoring from PC, Mac or Linux platform is possible with Dashboard software. The 9061 also works with the openGear platform.

Harris — Nexio AMP advanced media platform
The Nexio AMP (advanced media platform) combines a high-performance, high-definition/standard-definition (HD/SD) architecture with a full range of software-enabled media services. It is able to integrate signal quality control, channel branding, multiviewer I/O monitoring and playout automation functions within its 3RU chassis.

Microwave Radio Communications — OB5000 portable high-capacity modulator & demodulator
The OB5000 portable high-capacity modulator and demodulaor is designed for HD and SD portable video broadcast applications with support for data rates of up to 175 Mbps through multiple interfaces.

Nucomm — Remote Camera Control Accessory
A new option for the CamPac2 transmission system, the Remote Camera Control Accessory gives control over the functions of a remote camera from a standard console panel.

Pixel Power — Pixel Promo DJ automated branding system
Working with a Pixel Power Clarity graphics device, Pixel Promo DJ is a highly multichannel branding solution, automatically collecting the data needed to build graphics sequences for each program junction.

Pixelmetrix — Electronic Couch Potato monitoring system
With the Electronic Couch Potato, a broadcaster or content provider can monitor the viewer experience from the end point of the content-delivery chain. The ECP connects after a set-top box and reports back to the network on signal quality, availability and other parameters.

Quantel — Stereoscopic 3D option for post production with Pablo iQ and Max systems
With the Stereoscopic 3D option providing real-time end-to-end 3D throughout the post production process, Pablo iQ and Max users can fix colorimetry, sync, editorial and imaging errors in context. Other features include a comparison mode (50/50 mix, left/right eye, difference map) and the ability to see when left/right eye link is broken.

Rohde & Schwarz — R&S SLx8000/XLx8000 low-power transmitters
The compact SLx8000 and XLx8000 low-power transmitters are optimized for very low power requirements. The SLx8000 supports DAB/T-DMB, DVB-T/-H, and ATSC standards, as well as most analogue TV standards. The XLx8000 transposers can also handle MediaFLO and DTMB standards. Power ranges vary up to 100 W for DVB-T/-H, 160 W for ATSC, 250 W for ATV, or 300 W for DAB.

RTS — KP-32CLD colour display key panel
The KP-32CLD colour display key panel from the RTS division of Bosch Communications Systems is the first in a new series of panels designed to offer a user-customizable graphics interface and multidirectional keys. The modular system is designed to be expandable and future-proof.

Sachtler — SOOM multifunction tripod system
SOOM is a multifunction tool for professional and semi-professional MiniDV and (H)DV users. It consists of a 75 mm tripod, monopod and baby tripod that combine to create the SOOM HiPod system. Additional modules for the system are in development.

Siano Mobile Silicon — SMS8021 chip antenna for mobile digital TV applications
With the SMS8021 chip antenna for mobile digital TV applications, manufacturers of mobile devices no longer need to incorporate an external antenna into their product to ensure reception of T-DMB, DVB-T/-H, FLO, or other over-the-air broadcast standards.

SquareHead Technology — AudioScope "zoom audio" system
The UFO looks of the AudioScope system hide 300 hypercardioid microphones that allow users to zoom in to the field to hear exactly what is said. As the system records up to four hours of audio for each microphone, it is possible to scroll back to hear exactly what was said by players, fans, or anyone else at any point on the pitch at any time during a game.

Swe-Dish Satellite Systems — CommuniCase Technology system
CommuniCase Technology uses a system of interchangeable modules to make transit, assembly, and use of satellite systems. Assembly of requires no tools, and switchable modems allow for easy changeover for use with different bands. Common modules are used in suitcase, flyaway, and driveaway systems adding to flexibility and redundancy.

Teletest — OZL7007 wireless director's monitor
The 7-inch OZL7007 wireless director's monitor, a portable LCD with built-in 2.4 GHz audio video receiver, can be hand-held or mounted for maximum flexibility. The image can be seen in 4:3, 16:9 or Zoom mode, and controls are switchable from the front or via remote control. The wireless reception range of the unit is 50 to 200 meters.

Thomson — Grass Valley LDK 8000 SportCam
The Grass Valley LDK 8000 SportCam HD camera is designed for live sports with built-in Super SloMo functionality. It features 14-bit A-to-D conversion and 22-bit internal digital signal processing; it also can shoot at double speed —100 Hz or 119.88 Hz, depending on HD format — and record to an external third-party disk recorder.

ViewCast — Osprey-700 HD digital video capture card
Making use of the high-speed PCI Express bus architecture, the Osprey-700 HD card supports high-resolution video capture in applications for a wide range of HD resolutions including 1080i (60/59.94/50 Hz) and 720p (60/50 Hz). It offers HD-SDI/SD-SDI video input with eight embedded SDI audio stereo pairs, as well as extraction of vertical blanking interval (VBI) data for closed captioning and teletext applications.

Vinten and Canon — Vector950 Active pan and tilt head
The Vector950 Active combines Canon Shift-IS lens technology with special encoders and a customized serial controller box to provide solid images in crystal-clear HD even at telephoto distances with Canon AF lenses.

Zandar Technologies — QS100 HD Quad multiviewer on a card
The QS100 HD Quad is a HD quad-split module that turns a Sony LDM production monitor into a four-screen multiviewer. The module fits into the expansion slot on the monitor, freeing space in an OB van or studio. It can drive the displays up to a resolution of 19200 x 1200 pixels with autosensing of analogue, SDI and HD-SDI inputs. Versions for other monitors are under consideration.