TV Studio-in-a-Box allows anyone to be a broadcaster

TriCaster provides a complete suite of tools for creating and delivering live video presentations at production quality, in a compact and inexpensive package — essentially a live television studio in a box. PowerPoint support, template-based creation of graphics and titles and television production tools allow the user to begin producing video within minutes of opening the box.

NewTek’s latest release, TriCaster PRO, brings new functionality to the product line, including the ability to mix multiple live component cameras with pre-recorded video, overlay titles, images, external computer displays and even live Web pages with simultaneous output to video, a projector and the Internet. It also features push streaming, a waveform monitor/vectorscope.

TriCaster supports:

  • Portable live presentation from a compact box
  • Stream live to the Internet
  • iVGA allowing integration of full-motion screens from remotely connected computers
  • Easy creation of onscreen titles
  • Chroma keying
  • Virtual VCR cues digital video clips and plays them back on command
  • Integrated real-time video editing allows for on-site changes
  • Output to composite, S-video or component
  • Record shows to the internal drive for later playback, editing or on-demand streaming

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