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TV History: Grand Alliance Completes System Integration at Sarnoff Field Lab

(Image credit: Glenn Reitmeier)

Twenty-five years ago (March 30), the integration of the Grand Alliance system for digital HDTV was completed at Sarnoff’s Field Lab, laying the foundation for its world premiere a week and a half later at the 1995 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

To mark the anniversary, consulting engineer Glenn Reitmeier, who played an instrumental role in development of the system, has posted a brief video online identifying the team responsible for the integrated system, its component pieces and historical video of the actual system.

As noted in the video, the Grand Alliance HDTV system became the ATSC standard for digital television, a world first, in September 1995. The FCC approved the ATSC standard on Dec. 24, 1996.

Watch the video online.