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Turner uses Orad graphics for MLB coverage

Turner Sports used 3DPlay and RealSet systems from Orad Hi-Tec Systems to create an innovative on-screen look for its presentation of Major League Baseball (MLB)’s “All-Star Selection Show.”

The sports network used 3DPlay to create a bumper package that introduced each All-Star player during the 60-minute broadcast. As the TV host talked about each player, a virtual metal cylinder with his name and face opened up beside him, and video of the player in action could be viewed on a TV screen on the right-hand panel. Turner employed the RealSet software to bridge the divide between its hard set and the virtual graphic, enabling the camera to pan-tilt-zoom on the graphic as if it were an actual part of the set.

The 3DPlay system allows users to create customized controls for different types of production without requiring any scripting or programmers, and enables the creation of sophisticated logic, multiple events, and animations with a single trigger. The 3DPlay software can also be used for applications such as automatic promos and channel branding. The RealSet HD/SD system helps integrate 3-D virtual objects into a conventional studio set. It also enables broadcasters to generate complex graphics that help enhance program quality and illustrate content, and is ideal for news, game shows, sports, financial, and election coverage.

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