Turner Backs Up With OmniBus iTX

Turner Broadcasting System Inc. is using the iTX production, automation and play-out system from Denver-based OmniBus Systems as part of a plan to mitigate service outages or interruption to program feeds.

The Turner business continuity process was designed to provide short term backup and service replication should there be an unexpected interruption to program streams being fed by Atlanta-based TBS.

"The entire issue of financial impact caused by outages is a serious one for any broadcaster," said Mike Oldham, OmniBus CEO. "The loss of subscriber and advertising revenue, and the cost of insurance against liability, can have a major impact on the bottom line. We are delighted that Turner Broadcasting has extended its deployment of iTX to create this innovative and versatile BCP (broadcast continuity process) system."

The iTX system at Turner will supply evergreen programming to fill in any unexpected content gaps. Fill content is automatically selected and placed on line in accordance with a set of operational rules established by iTX software. The special configuration of iTX was designed to ensure continuity of business operations in the event of a disaster or other interruption to normal operations. The system includes media replication, fully redundant mirroring of content and operation from a remote location if necessary.

OmniBus iTX is also at the heart of DirecTV's upgrade to MPEG-4, as described in the Oct. 15, 2008, issue of TV Technology in print and online.