Triveni Digital teams with industry leaders at CES to offer ATSC Mobile DTV demo

At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, Triveni Digital joined with industry leaders LG Electronics, Harris, Zenith and Roundbox to provide a live demonstration of the Advanced Television Systems Committee Mobile DTV (A/153) standard, broadcasting multiple TV programs simultaneously to handheld and mobile receivers.

Newly elevated to "candidate standard" status by the ATSC, this mobile DTV technology enables broadcasters to leverage their content and DTV transmission infrastructure to target the rapidly growing mobile market. Of special significance, Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder PSIP generation system will supply the signaling metadata necessary to tune these mobile DTV broadcasts. Triveni Digital has extended the capabilities of its GuideBuilder system to support broadcasters in delivering media over new platforms.

During the CES demonstration, as regular DTV feeds were acquired from different broadcasters and transcoded for mobile delivery, the GuideBuilder system drew corresponding PSIP information from existing schedule sources and used it to create new signaling and current program guide data that is compatible with mobile DTV delivery.

ATSC Mobile DTV products for this electronic service guide will include mobile phones, small handheld televisions, laptop computers and in-vehicle entertainment systems. Initial availability of mobile DTV functionality in consumer products is expected in late 2009.

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