Triveni Digital provides PSIP for ABC HD

Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics, said its GuideBuilder-based network PSIP (program and system information protocol) management system will be used by the ABC Television Network to aid in the Disney system’s HD program information distribution.

The firm said it GuideBuilder Network VANC Receiver (NVR) module is geared to giving ABC affiliates a means of making last-minute changes to information (such as program schedules, parental guidance ratings and emergency updates) in their HD streams, including late updates for closed captioning, V-chip and PSIP data.

The NVR module extracts the network’s schedule information from the VANC data band and composes a PMCP schedule file (ATSC A/76A) that includes event title and description, and other critical system information. The GuideBuilder PSIP generator then imports the schedule file to update scheduling and critical DTV system information that are relevant to the network affiliate.