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Trio Video Equips New Mobile Unit With Canon Lenses

CHICAGO: Chicago-based Trio Video has selected a total of eleven Canon U.S.A. high-definition zoom lenses as part of the equipment complement for its new “Tempo” 48-foot expandable mobile trailer. Six of the lenses are for field use and the other five are for portable cameras.

“Out in the field, we need all of our equipment working all the time, and our vendors have to be available 24/7 in the event that there’s an issue,” said Peter Kimball, Trio Video’s director of program development and production. “Canon provides us with that level of reliability, customer service and support, and that’s what convinced us to go with Canon for Tempo.”

Lenses selected include Canon’s XJ86x9.3B, XJ75x9.3B, HJ22ex7.6B, and HJ14ex4.3B models.

“We’re impressed with the high quality of images that all our Canon lenses put out,” said Kimball. “Whether it’s tight or wide, we get consistently great looks throughout the focal length.”