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Trinity Broadcasting Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

SANTA ANA, CALIF.: Christian media company Trinity Broadcasting has settled a discrimination suit brought against it by a former employee who alleged he was harassed for being gay. Broadcast engineer Brian Dugger sued Trinity a year ago, according to The Orange County Register, saying he was harassed and discriminated against.

Dugger alleged that Paul Crouch Jr., son of TBN’s founder, taunted him with pornography and inappropriate comments. Dugger joined TBN’s Nashville operation in 1993 and worked closely over time with the elder Crouch, who persuaded him to come to Southern California when the headquarters moved. The senior Crouch since became less involved with the network, and the younger, moreso. Dugger’s suit said he was told not to “dress so gay or to wear jewelry, to act more straight and to pay attention to girls,” the OC Register said.

Dugger’s contract was not renewed in 2007, when he was told that TBN “was not a place for fairies,” the newspaper reported.

The suit, which ended up in federal court, sought $1.9 million in punitive damages and $650,000 in lost wages, emotional distress and statutory damages. The two parties were said to reach a confidential settlement.

The Orange County Register has more details.