Trilogy Intercom equipment purchased for Norwegian Horse Racing coverage

Trilogy Broadcast announced that Digital Vision, OB, post-production and production company based in Oslo, Norway, has purchased Mercury and Orator intercom equipment. The deal was concluded and is being overseen by Trilogy's Norwegian dealer Megafront A/S. Digital Vision has purchased an Orator equipped with a 36 x 36 matrix along with seven Mercury Black Boxes and a wide range of panels.

The Mercury system can provide communications facilities in existing sites that have Ethernet connections without the need of additional cabling. It is capable of operating over dedicated or shared networks

Mercury is Trilogy's innovative IP-based intercom solution. Digital Vision is contracted by the owners of horse trotting channel Rikstoto Direkte, the Norwegian Betting Association, to provide OB production services for coverage of up to three daily races around the country. This digital satellite channel supplies feeds to national broadcaster NRK and an Internet service.

Two years ago, Digital Vision began using a recently constructed STM-1 fiber link that connects the tracks with other key points - including its master control room and the uplink site. Digital Vision has been using IP transport over the STM-1 link for its video feeds for some time and now, courtesy of the Mercury system, in combination with the Orator being installed at the master control room, will shortly be able to use it for its intercom system.

Currently the trucks are being equipped with the Mercury intercoms to allow connection into the fiber link. When completed, this will provide a complete communication system between the trucks and the master control room as well as to NRK.

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